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Just wanted to post something about Esignal GTIS forex data feed as the issue of volume in forex is always a hot debated topic. To make a story short, Esignal GTIS forex data feed use more than 200 contributors, ranging from big banks to big brokers, in their compilation of tick volume that your see on any Esignal chart where volume is displayed at the bottom of the chart. So, this feed is the ... EUR/USD has risen 0.13% at the beginning of the week in a pretty slow session. There is a decent consolidation low and the price has to brake 1.19 to progress further. Ok, I have found what I wanted. I know it's OTC :) The 2 major feeds are EBS and Reuters. :) These feeds are for institutionals. Most of the provider data feeds do not give access to them except maybe CQG (for... 700$/month). If someone knows others providers with these feeds ;) There is also the GTIS feed (interbanks) used by eSignal. For Mike, I have not tested MCFX, it seems based on FXCM ... How to format esignal forex symbols to match IB's forex quotes. Collapse. X Many Forex traders, at one point or the other, believed in and searched for the 'Holy Grail' of Forex trading. A good number are still searching. Somehow, the 'Holy Grail' is elusive and the search for it, often, a pipe dream. Indicators may help, but the 'Holy Grail' may be how you use them. Two different traders may use the same set of indicators: One trader may hit wealth with them, the ... The most "dense" (in terms of ticks per minutes) contributors seem to be FXCM (Forex Capital Markets, NYC), PFG (PFG Retail) and TDFX (3Dfx North America Los Angeles). For instance, here is FXCM 5-min feed, to be compared to the ugly composite feed above: [email protected] A0-FX 5-min: And the same with 70 ticks: [email protected] A0-FX 70 ticks: Conclusion for me: do not look at eSignal's standard composite ... Contains all post prior to 1/1/2009. Search in titles only Search in eSignal Archive only

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Fastest Cryptocurrency Transfer??? BitcoinZ ($BTCZ) Crowdfunded Crypto

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